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TIL WILLIS : CD REVIEW – Land of Sawdust and Spangles

While listening to this CD by Til Willis, the album titled ‘Land of Sawdust and Spangles’, I couldn’t help think back to the days of my youth when I heard my first Bruce Springsteen album.  The surge of adrenaline that flowed throughout my body as I felt a connection the artist and the song that he was singing and how the relevancy was so real to me personally that I had to listen to it over and over again.  Those moments, as you know, are infrequent.  I truly had one of those moments.

Very rarely can you listen to a full cd of 12 songs and say that every one of them is pretty darn good.   Literally, on almost every song, Willis showcases his music and his scruffy voice and his ability to create an atmosphere that sets the stage for the song. His ability to mix meaningful and heartfelt emotional lyrics into a pop/rock/folk song is a unique talent not easily mastered.  And when you listen to a song like Uniform, a powerful and driven song that the common working man can relate to, you will understand exactly what I mean.  The emotions come clearly through with the music arrangements and vocals spot on. 

Haitian Sunrise is another song that the master story teller takes you on and allows you to delve into a man’s’ mind that seems to be gazing into the future while reminiscing about the past.  And the guitar picking is truly on target.  My personal favorite, Smell of Teenage Girls, shows a more edgy side of Willis, both in terms of lyrics and composition.  It will definitely bring you back to your youth when the hormones were flowing and you were sewing your oats!

Several other songs, such as Heart and Last Dollar are songs that have that certain something that makes the songs stay on your lips long after the music has stopped.

I believe that this album squarely puts Till Willis on the map and, more importantly, on the road to major success.  If this is what to expect out of the this singing story teller, then you better see him now where you can get close before he hits the big time and you will be paying big bucks to get a seat in the nose bleed seats.  I recommend that you include this CD in your collection, or, as I did, into my car so I can my drive a little more pleasurable.

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